Bacon Brisket

It seems everybody on Social Media right now is hoping on this “Bacon Brisket” trend so we figured we’d give it a try!

Equipment needed:
Preheated Smoker (Whatever temp you normally cook brisket at)
Cutting Board

Slicing Knive

Sauce Brush

Butcher Paper




  1. While smoker is getting up to temp, I trimmed the excess fat off the pork belly, trying to make it have an even thickness throughout.
  2. Season generously using Brisket Fixx, just as you would with a beef brisket.
  3. Place in smoker and smoke until the seasoning has completely set.  I gently rub my finger along the edge of the meat and if the seasoning doesn’t smear off, I know I can now wrap.
  4. Use the butcher paper to wrap is the same way you would a beef brisket.
  5. Cook until you have reached your desired Internal Temp (usually 203F if your Low & Slow cooking, 212F if you are cooking Hot & Fast).  Regardless of how you cook, the probe should slide into the meat much like it would into soft butter
  6. When done, rest in cooler, Cambro or even in your oven (not on) for 90 minutes to 2 hours.
  7. Unwrap and pour room temperature sauce on top, using brush to evenly apply
  8. Slice and serve


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