BBQ Bounty Program

Motley Que 2022 Competition Bounty Program


For the last couple years our products have been winning in multiple Sauce & Seasoning contests as well as a number of calls in categories at comps all over the world so this year, we’re looking to add to the winning!

In 2022, use our products & winning a category will get some extra money in your pockets!  If you win a category or G.C. using any Motley Que Product, make sure you take some pictures and video content using them & we’ll gladly send you $250 as a bonus for continuing the winning! 

After awards simply email us proof of winning and use of the product and we’ll send out your Bounty.  We will most likely do a post about your win but we will not share any picture you don’t want (Your secret is safe with us Batman!)


The fine print:

  • Contest can end at any time, with no notice.
  • Only 1 prize payout per team per month
  • Proof of use must include details of the picture or video (time stamp, geo tag etc.)
  • Only sanctioned competitions are valid (backyard comps sanctioned by a recognizable BBQ body are valid)
  • Payment will be made in Canadian Funds & paid via e transfer or cheque.

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