About Us...

About Us...

Here is a Bit About Us...

Love and BBQ are one in the same for us. We originally worked together in hospitality and during the summer months our industry was slow.

We so happened to get called out to some outdoor events where there was little to no power. We said that was fine and brought out BBQs to do some "smoking & grilling".

Everyone was so impressed; they figured we would be cooking up some frozen burgers and hotdogs, but we brought the "meat" with Brisket, Ribs, and signature side dishes.

Our friends asked if we ever "competed" in BBQ competitions, and we were so interested we had never heard of this. A month later we were on
the road to Nevada (because why not) and entered our 1st BBQ competition. We did we and finished 14th out of 50+ teams.

We were asked by so many where we "got the sauce" and Big Joe just replied" its something I've always used,"! So many requests for bottles later we
finally started bottling and … [YEARS LATER] that sauce won the American Royal with a PERFECT SCORE!

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