Competition BBQ

What is Competition BBQ?

The world of competition barbecue is a world where pitmasters and backyard grillers come together for a couple of days to cook six succulent servings of chicken, ribs, pork and brisket for a panel of certified judges in an effort to make the best bbq.

  • Local Competitions

    • Emebers & Ice
    • Didsbury
    • BBQ On The Bow
  • The Big One's

    • The American Royal
    • The Jack
    • The KCBS Invitational
  • Who's All Going?

    Splitting up Categories is the magic of Motley Que. Trust and balance. Big Joes taking on Brisket & Ribs while Jess is a stunner with Chicken & Pork

You Be The Judge!

Become a Judge.

Many competition cooks start their career as a BBQ judge.

Only requirement is a one day course, OH and you have to like BBQ

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