By JS - Motley Que

Mouth Watering Beef Wellington

There has always been a special place in our hearts for Beef Wellington. When we were younger, we loved checking out fine dining restaurants and indulging in this time consuming dish. Then covid hit, and we were eager to learn how to make some of our favorites.

We became more appreciative of each dish and stretched our culinary skills by doing this.

Beef Wellington is known to be a decadent meat with an AMAZING presentation.

The combination of a thick, juicy beef tenderloin, special duxelles and prosciutto all wrapped in a pastry shell is pure heaven just for an added touch we love to add truffle to our duxelle mixture & motley mustard to our tenderloin before we wrap it

Don't let these ingredients scare you off.

This doesn’t have to be complicated, YOU CAN DO IT!