By Jess Semack

Alberta Sized Beef Ribs

Alberta Sized Beef Ribs

Without a doubt, the greatest food to showcase your carnivore side is Ribs; and Beef Ribs are the delectable treat our meat hungry family goes crazy for! Beef ribs come from the same area as a Brisket so we tend to treat it similar and our guests will have the same euphoric look on their face when they first bite into a Beef Rib as they do when they try our brisket!


1 Rack Beef Short Ribs (Often referred to as plate ribs)
Motley Que Brisket Rub
Yellow Mustard

Tools Needed:

  • Paper Towel
  • Butter Knife
  • Butcher Paper
  • SHARP Knife. (I recommend a boning knife)
  • Meat Probe
  • Spritz bottle with Peach Crown Royal
  • Smoker with Pecan Wood


  1. Pat rack of ribs dry with paper towel
  2. Flip Ribs bone side up and use butter knife to gently pry the thick silverskin or membrane away from the rack.
  3. Using Paper towel, grip and pull the membrane from the entire rack & discard.
  4. Flip over to expose the fatty side of the ribs
  5. Using your sharp knife, gently trim the fat & silver skin from the meaty side of the ribs (It is ok to leave a little fat in the “pockets” of smaller ribs.
  6. Flip rack of ribs over to have the bone side facing up
  7. Slather bone side with yellow mustard
  8. Liberally season with Motley Que Brisket Rub and allow to “Set” for 5 – 10 minutes
  9. Flip Over & repeat on meat side as well as edges.
  10. Place ribs bone side down on smoker grate in preheated smoker (275 F)
  11. Check on the ribs after 2.5 hours. Gently run your finger along the edge of the meat to see if the seasoning has stuck. If it hasn’t, check back in 30 minutes. If the rub has set, gently mist the rack with with the Peach Crown Royal every 30 minutes until the
  12. ribs are a dark brown/mahogany color.
  13. Once the optimal color is reached, it’s time to wrap! Using the butcher paper, create a tight seal or “swaddle” around the beef ribs. This will prevent the ribs from drying out and getting too dark in color
  14. Continually probe meat for temp & tenderness. Pull Beef Ribs at a temp of 205 F and place in an empty cooler with an old (but clean) cooler below & above ribs to allow them to rest and reabsorb moisture. Let rest for between 30 & 90 minutes, depending
  15. on size.
  16. Using a sharp knife, slice ribs from between the bones, admire & EAT!

#joetip – When wrapping ribs, add about ¼ cup of butter or Beef Tallow to the meaty side of the ribs to add some richness to the meat. Feeling spicy? Add some hot peppers or Sriracha sauce!

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