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Fam/Jam Set

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Fam/Jam Set: BBQ is Better TogetherThis set of Motley Que Sauces and Rubs is tailored for the Everyday BBQ enthusiast who wants to please a...

Fam/Jam Set: BBQ is Better Together

This set of Motley Que Sauces and Rubs is tailored for the Everyday BBQ enthusiast who wants to please a crowd! Even if your just starting your  smoking/cooking/BBQ/grilling journey your family comes first and that means all ages and all types of flavours.  This set is Sweet with Sticky, Zingy with Mustard great for burger, fries  and cornbread for dessert!

What's Inside:

1. Sticky Fixx: "Voted Best BBQ Sauce On The Planet",  perfect for creating that irresistible flavour & colour on ribs, chicken, or pork.

2. Motley Mustard: Dive into the tangy world of mustard-based BBQ sauce with this flavourful addition, guaranteed to add depth and complexity to your grilled meats, egg salad, tuna salad, potato salad and more! International flave award winner Mustard Sauce 

3. Beef Fixx: Crafted specifically for beef lovers, this robust rub boasts a bold flavour profile that's tailor-made for ground meats, meat ball, meat loaf and more. Use it on brisket, steaks, or burgers, and even ground turkey! This will ensure each bite is bursting with mouthwatering goodness.

4. Fry Fixx:This is the ultimate rub for fries, potatoes and veggies. With a perfect blend of herbs and spices this is a go to for any family event!

5. Crazy Cornbread Mixx: Meet your new BFF in BBQ. This is the easiest, base for cornbread. Quick mix and on the BBQ and you'll have perfect cornbread every-time. Plus this is a great way to get creative. Mixx in your favourites from cheddar & jalapeño to topped with honey butter and fresh fruit. The possibilities are endless.

With Motley Que's Fam/Jam Set, you'll have everything you need to please everyone from the Kiddos to grandma and grandpa! Whether you're a novice griller or a seasoned Pitmaster, our award-winning rubs and sauces and mixxes are here to ignite your passion for BBQ and make every cookout a winner!